In the photo, from left to right, in the upper half: David Brown (lead vocals, keyboards) and The Ghigas (bass, backing vocals). In the lower half: Andrea Marchese (drums) and Bob Brown (guitars, backing vocals).


Formed in 2018 by Italian music veterans David Brown and Stefano “The Ghigas” Calvagno (known for their works in white-progressive metal band Metatrone), Nefesh Core brings a unique blend of dark music influences to the scene. Joined by Ivan Newton on drums, they draw inspiration from 80s New Wave and dark music, weaving it with elements of melodic hard rock, classic metal, and 90s gothic metal.

Nefesh Core stands out with David Brown handling both vocals and keyboards, creating a cohesive and impactful soundscape.

Their debut album, “Getaway,” embodies this fusion perfectly. Released in 2020 via Rockshots Records, it offers 10 tracks that transport listeners through a spectrum of sonic experiences, balancing dark atmosphere with catchy melodies. Mixed by Luigi Scuderi at Tower Hill Studios and mastered by renowned producer Jacob Hansen (Hansen Studios, Denmark), “Getaway” boasts meticulous production that amplifies the band’s creative vision. The album’s artwork, crafted by Christian Wallin, further reflects the band’s aesthetic, adding another layer of depth and intrigue to their world. On April 14th 2021 they released “Dove il mondo non c’è più”, a re–arranged version from the original same-titled song by Francesco Renga, then on October 2021 the band’s lineup was completed with the entrance of guitarist Bob Brown. Few months after, on January 25th 2022, they released a new unedited single, titled “Walls of time”. Both songs were mixed by Luigi Scuderi and mastered by Jacob Hansen, as well.

Late in 2023, while the band was deep into the writing of a bounce of new tracks, drummer Ivan Newton leaved the band and a new course began, as soon Andrea Marchese was enrolled as new drummer: just in time to release a revisited “dark metal” version from the original song by The Cure, that famous “Lullaby” that is undoubtedly considered a true milestone of the Dark and New Wave music movement. This work was committed again to Luigi Scuderi for the studio recordings and mixing, and then it was mastered by Antonio Baglio (Miami Mastering, USA).