Nefesh Core Unveils New Lineup and Single “Lullaby”

On February 14, 2024, Italian dark metal band Nefesh Core release their new single “Lullaby,” featuring their new lineup with Andrea Marchese on drums. The single is a cover of The Cure’s classic song, reimagined with a heavier sound and a more direct vocal approach.

The band comments on the new single:

Ghigas: “Proud of our connection to the 80s dark wave that has always distinguished us, we wanted to pay homage to this immortal anthem of The Cure. Through a fine rearrangement and a more metal-oriented vision, we have made it an integral part of our repertoire. We are super happy with what we have done!”

David: “When I thought about revisiting this wonderful historic song, which is very dear to me, I was particularly amused by the idea of transforming the whispered vocals into a more direct and catchy way, obviously on my strings, markedly dark and metal; I think I succeeded.”

Andrea: “Playing one of the songs that has accompanied me, since I was a child, in my life growth makes me happy and excited!”

Bob: “We often quote songs that are part of our background and we have fun to nefesh-corize’. But the spark that starts it all has to happen. The original song is based on a rhythmic guitar lick on the two main chords, I reviewed it and created the looped arpeggio that kicked off our version. Doing it was incredibly natural, the song has a strong dark, reflective nature and hides a repressed anger that comes to the surface thanks to David’s interpretation.”


#Lullaby: the new single